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Introducing our law firm

Established in 1972,
Hammock, Arnold, Smith & Co.
specializes in the field of real estate
evaluation and valuation.


Our Firm

Robert William Raymond, MAI established the predecessor firm to Hammock, Arnold, Smith & Co. in 1972. The offices of the practice are located at 215 West Figueroa Street in Santa Barbara, California. Over the years, the firm has grown to be regarded as a regional leader in the field of real estate evaluation and valuation.

Our firm provides research, advice, and supported opinion regarding matters pertaining to the economics of real estate. The appraisers in the firm have years of experience working with individuals, businesses, and professionals in the community. The focus of our work is value, but often the concept is broader in application.

Hammock, Arnold, Smith & Company is a professional practice with expertise in virtually all forms of real estate from single family residences to large commercial properties. We also have extensive experience in special purpose, unusual, leasehold, leased fee, and non-urban properties. For nearly fifty years we have built our reputation on knowledge, experience, integrity, and professionalism. Michael Neal Arnold and Thomas A. B. Arnold are General Certified by the State of California. Michael Neal Arnold is also MAI designated by the Appraisal Institute and a professional member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Our Practice



We are a general practice appraisal firm. We offer a wide variety of evaluation and valuation services. 


Our Appraisers

Our professionals have the education and experience to address a wide variety of appraisal issues. 


Our Clients

Our client base includes government agencies, law firms, non profits, corporations, accounting firms, private individuals, and others. 


Our History

Our firm has been existence since 1972. However our principals represent the fourth and fifth generation of Arnold's who are active in the California real-estate industry. 

Our Appraisers

Price is what you pay.  VALUE is what you get.

Warren Buffet


Articles and Updates

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