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Valuation and consulting services that we provide​


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Probate & Estate Planning

We regularly work with attorneys, accountants, and executors in valuing real estate assets. We are familiar with estate taxes and have also worked with Probate Referees.

We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.

Winston Churchill

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Lot Line & Easement Disputes

Often property owners are involved with neighbors in disputes over parcel boundaries and easements. Experienced valuation can provide the vehicle for solution of these issues.


The most important thing in a day’s work is lunch. Decide
in advance at what time you will lunch, where you will lunch,
and if possible what you will have for lunch. Then build the rest
of your day round it.

Norman Garrard


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Lender Valuations

We provide valuation services to local, regional, and national real estate lenders for mortgage underwriting purposes. We are experienced with lender valuation and reporting requirements.

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